Health concerns with the rising incidence of skin cancer have made it vital to provide uv protection using shade structures for members of the public at sports complexes today. Whether providing bleacher shade for spectators or for athletes themselves shade structures provide the right solution to give shade and protection from harsh UV rays of the sun.
Outdoor basketball court shade using extreme span shade structures allow members to play throughout the year for longer periods. Sports shade is key to increasing player and spectator activities outdoors and with the bright colors of our shade sails and sport shade canopies they can dramatically increase the aesthetics and beauty of a sports complex.

Shade for bleachers provide ambient shade and allow visitors to enjoy watching the game in cool environments. Surveys have found that park visitors will stay longer under bleacher awnings and in turn will consume more refreshments and concessions thus will increase park revenue.

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Facility operators have more sports shade options to keep patrons cool and protected throughout the year. Tennis court bleacher shade structures give shade to spectators and increase participation.

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