The Five Steps of Purchasing Shade Sails for Your Home

Outdoor Shade Sails

Shade sails are gaining immense popularity day by day. People are keen to buy modern shade covers, whether for commercial places or households. Unlike former trends, you no longer need concrete structures to cover your outdoor spaces.


Shade covers are the modern-day solution to serve the same purpose. You can choose from different types and designs to suit your house’s theme. The material of shade covers is highly durable to resist harsh weather conditions.


Over the recent years, more and more households have purchased outdoor shade covers. We have got you covered if you want to buy stylish and durable shades for the first time. We have listed the five essential steps of purchasing shade sails for your home.


Let’s get started.

Steps to Buy Shade Sails for Your House

Decision Making

The first and foremost step is to make up your mind. You can call shade sail companies in your area to learn about different types of covers. After careful consideration, you can place an order with the company. This step can state your personal preferences about your shade covers’ type, color, size, and design. The company will most likely book an order for a custom-made shade cover as per your need.

Design Process

Once the company’s sales team takes your order, they forward the instructions to the design team. The designers use CAD software to design your shade covers. In this process, the designers work on the colors and structure of the shade covers. They send the final template to the structural engineers who conceptualize the covers based on your preferences (e.g., location, type, weather conditions, etc.).

Production Phase

After the practical conceptualization, the production crew starts with the manufacturing process. The measurements and fabric quality are precisely checked to avoid any errors. In the same step, the crew also cuts the steel support columns in the required sizes. Once done, they send these columns for the baking process to give the final finish. The production crew mounts the shade fabric to steel supports for producing the final product.

Delivery of Product

The quality control team approves the final product and proceeds with the wrapping process. After wrapping the shade covers, the delivery team loads the shade covers into the shipment vehicle. A professional company always uses expert resources to deliver the products safely.

Installation Process

The installation crew arrives at your location to install the outdoor shade sails in the final step. Professional companies have trained staff that follows specific guidelines to install the shade covers on your property. If you want to install it yourself, you can request the company to send you a DIY manual. However, it is always recommended to seek professional assistance to avoid problems.


If you are looking for outdoor shade covers, you can look for any contractor that follows the above five steps. To avoid any problems down the road, you may also check for the warranties included in the product package.