Top Four Uses of Shade Sails

Benefits of Investing in Shade Sails in Phoenix

Summer heat in Phoenix tends to become unbearable from June to the end of August. People are unable to enjoy the weather and tend to stay at home during the day. Moreover, restaurants that do not have indoor dining spaces or properly covered outdoor spaces struggle with keeping their businesses running.

However, a smart one-time investment in shade sails can help the people of Phoenix enjoy their summer days and indulge in outdoor activities. Professional shade sail companies allow consumers to choose from a wide variety of shade sail sizes, materials, colors, and shapes to select the perfect shade sail to go with the aesthetics of their property.

Continue reading below to learn about the top four uses of shade sails.

Top Four Uses of Shade Sails

1. Cover from Dangerous Ultraviolet Rays

Sitting under the direct sun can do more than darken your skin and cause you to hyperventilate. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause premature aging, damage the hair, the eyes, and increase a person’s chances of developing skin cancer.

Investing in shade sails to cover a house’s, restaurant’s, or office’s outside space can provide the necessary cover from the sun and protect people from UV exposure.

2. Opportunity to Utilize Outdoor Space

Houses and restaurants that do not have properly shaded or covered outdoor areas usually fail to utilize the extra space. Nobody wants to sit under the Phoenix sun in the middle of the year and pass out from the heat.

Covering the outdoor area with shade sails is an effective one-time investment that will encourage proper space utilization. Homeowners will be able to host outdoor lunches, enjoy a summer pool day, or indulge in therapeutic gardening activities, while restaurants will be able to put out more furniture to cater to a greater number of customers.

Moreover, offices will not have to worry about expanding their underground parking area as employees will be able to park their vehicles in the available outdoor space.

3. Reduced Air Conditioning Costs

Hot summers in Phoenix come with steep air condition bills for households, commercial establishments, and offices. Since people are unable to go outside, they have no choice but to stay in their air-conditioned homes.

Investing in shade sails will encourage people to go sit outside and consequently lead to reduced air conditioning costs.

Moreover, high shade sails will provide cover from the sun to the windows of houses and buildings. With less light and heat entering the homes, the need for continuous air conditioning will automatically decrease.

4. Aesthetically Pleasant Ambiance

Shade sails offer partial coverage from the sun and are designed to be far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional fiberglass canopies. They create a romantic and therapeutic ambiance by allowing little sunlight to pass through their design.

Many vibrant colored shade sails are able to cast their colors onto the outdoor area as little sunlight passes through them. This creates a very beautiful, colorful outdoor atmosphere which allows people to relax as they enjoy their outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

Shade sails are extremely useful cost-effective structures that allow people to fully utilize their outdoor spaces and enjoy every season. One can install a shade sail outside their homes, restaurants, schools, offices, etc., to reduce UV ray exposure and encourage outdoor participation.