Types of Commercial Shades and Where to Use Them for Outdoor Cover

Types of Commercial Sun Shades

Hiring commercial shade experts can help you get the necessary protection for consumers in the summer months. Outdoor shade covers are used in the hospitality and restaurant business, such as water parks, sports grounds, amusement parks, resorts, and other such facilities. There are many different types of commercial shades that are used in different ways.

Let’s learn more about them today.

Permanent Umbrellas

Best for: water parks, restaurants, and hotels

Umbrellas are a common outdoor shade cover solution for many businesses. With the right umbrella, you can offer protection to your customers from the harsh sun rays. This can help you create relaxing outdoor areas, especially for seating areas, pool patios, cafes, picnic sections, cafes, and other general dining areas.

Shade N Net uses the best quality umbrellas that are made with durable materials, perfect for environments where treated or salt water is present. They are affordable and versatile options that are perfect for large open spaces where small shady areas are required.

Permanent Canopies

Best for: pools, entryways, and patios

Canopies are single permanent outdoor shade covers for larger areas. They ensure resistance from high winds and come in all sorts of sizes. Durability and strength are the most important factors when it comes to these commercial shades since you need a proper frame to hold up the canopy. The frame needs to be resistant to dirt, moisture, and dirt to ensure that it stays upright for years to come.

Commercial Awnings

Best for: entryways and storefronts

The thing is, you also need to protect your interior items from direct sunlight, just as you do for your customers in outdoor spaces. Awnings are a great solution for storefronts and entryways since they ensure some unique benefits for businesses.

You can custom make awnings so that they fit your windows properly. You can also install them in the entryway to provide protection to your customers and entryway from rain and sun. They can help to reduce the wear and fading on the interior surface by providing a barrier between outdoor elements and interior items. Outdoor shade covers also keep the debris and water away from your doors and windows, meaning that you won’t have to spend as much time on cleaning.

With options for custom colors and designs, you can ensure they match the aesthetic of your bar, restaurant, deli, office, grocery store, retail outlet, or any other business. If you have an aesthetically pleasing storefront, it will increase foot traffic for your store as well.

Shade N Net provides versatile services that give you the option to let your imagination run wild. They will ensure that you won’t regret hiring commercial shade experts since they offer aesthetics and durability to their customers.