What Does It Take To Make A Great Dog Park?

A Dog

Every neighborhood needs a great dog park where all dog owners can take their dogs and let them enjoy to their heart’s content. While most people make do with their community parks, some pet owners are always on a lookout for a dog park that is truly great in every aspect.

If you’ve got a vacant plot of land that you’re planning to convert into a dog park, you couldn’t be at a better place. We‘ve listed down the things that make a great dog park. Simply keep the below-listed factors into consideration, and your dog park will soon be the talk of the town.

1.     Safe Enclosures

The best thing about dog parks is that you know the dogs are free and safe. The reason why people bring their dogs to dog parks is to let them play around without a leash. To ensure the safety of all dogs in the park, it is crucial to ensure safe enclosures. Surround your dog park with suitable fences that are big enough for dogs to cross and strong enough to be not cut by dog bites. When dog owners know their dogs are safe and secure, your dog park will naturally become their favorite spot to chill with their pets.

2.     Separate Play Areas

A great dog park has separate play areas for small and large dogs. Letting all dogs play together may cause the smaller ones to get hurt. So, while you’re working on designing a dog park, make sure to build separate play areas, one for smaller breeds and one for bigger ones.

3.     Include Shade

Installation of shade sails is one of the most important features that every dog park should have. No dog park can be a great dog park without adequate shade for both the dogs and pet owners. Intense summer heat can exhaust the dogs and dehydrate them. So, it is best to have an adequate number of shade sails installed all-around your dog park to ensure the dogs are safe, no matter how hot it is. Hiring reliable shade sails professionals will ensure that you get the right shade sails for the intended purpose.

4.     Install Comfortable Ground Cover

Most dog parks have a natural grass ground cover. While it looks great and is the most efficient, dogs can easily dig through the ground and damage the surface. One great idea is to install artificial turf. The artificial ground cover feels soft on the dogs’ paws, looks pretty, and requires minimal maintenance.

5.     Include Amenities for Dog Owners

The dogs will be accompanied by dog owners, of course. So it would be best if you didn’t forget to include suitable amenities for dog owners in your dog park. A water cooler and benches are some of the basic things that make a great dog park.


A dog park where one can relax, knowing that their dog is safe and sound, will definitely be their favorite spot to chill with beloved pets. Don’t forget to include fun spots for the dogs. Comfortable spots for their owners is also an important factor. Even if you can’t include many facilities, you must not overlook shade sails for your dog park at the least.