4 Ways to Choose the Right Shade Sail Color for your Home

ways to choose the shade sail color

Shade sails come in various colors and designs; thus, when people are purchasing shade sails for their backyards, they look for curb appeal and aesthetics rather than the functionality of the shade sail. That’s where they are wrong. Shade sail’s main purpose is to protect you from harsh UV rays and reduce the sun glare, and color plays a major role in doing so.

Thus, before choosing a shade sail for your home project, check out our guide on what is the best sun shade sail cloth color for sun protection and curb appeal. Let’s get started!

Your Goals

First things first, what’s the purpose of installing a shade sail? Are you using it for sun protection, or do you want to increase the curb appeal and match the aesthetic of your home? Are you installing the shade sails in a residential or commercial area?

By answering these questions, you can determine your needs and requirements and share them with Arizona shade sail providers so they can tell you the best fit and color for your needs.

Check Your Surroundings

Another way to choose the shade sail color is by looking at your surroundings. What color is your building? What color are the surrounding structures? Do you want your shade sail to pop out or stay blended with the environment? For example, if you have a lot of greenery in your surroundings, you should use natural, earthy tones for your shade sails.

Light or Dark

Another determining factor that comes to the discussion when choosing shade sail color is to choose light or dark color. This is an important decision because it determines the functionality of your shade sail. For example, lighter shade sails do not absorb as much sunlight as darker shade sails. They have higher reflective glare and thus provide privacy from nosy neighbors. They also let more sunlight and UV rays through.

In contrast, dark-colored shade sails absorb more sunlight and keep the area darkened and shaded. If you need to cover up your patio from harsh UV rays, go for darker colors. However, darker colored shade sails cannot retain heat very well and reduce light in the area.

UV Protection

As mentioned above, the main purpose of a shade sail is to provide UV protection. UV protection is dependent on the color of the shade sail. For example, darker shade sails provide more UV protection than lighter shade sails. If you live in a sunny area, like Arizona, where the sun beats down on your patio and plants, its best to go with a darker shade sail, like blue, as it absorbs the most sunlight.

Similarly, if you don’t want to dull down the ambiance of your patio, go for a light shade sail to let more sunlight pass through and let your plants thrive.

Now that you know how to choose the shade sail color for your residential or commercial project, you can make a well-informed decision and choose accordingly. Keep in mind the functionality you want out of the shade sail and how to match it with your current aesthetic. Instead of worrying about light or dark, you can also use a combination of colors in different areas of your backyard, i.e., use dark colors in areas that get more sunlight and vice versa. It’s best to consult Arizona shade sail providers to get the best material and color.